Shepherd Chartered Surveyors

A New Direction on Search Marketing

Shepherd Chartered Surveyors are Scotland’s leading Chartered Surveyors. They cover Scotland with 33 offices and have decades of experience and in-depth local market knowledge.

Shepherd Chartered Surveyors already had an agency in place before coming to 8th Row. The results ahieved were pretty mediocre but they still recognised the value SEO and PPC could have to their business. Shepherd's came to us to overhaul their SEO and PPC strategy to meet their business objectives in 2020 and beyond.



The Shepherd's website had strong signals but poorly optimised content and UX for SEO. Their PPC campaigns were poorly managed and because they operate in a competitive sector this meant a lot of budget was being wasted unnecessarily. These compounding factors meant the campaigns weren't generating much if anything at all.



We performed a technical SEO audit on the website to determine what 'state' it was in. We knew it had some strength but needed to ensure there were no major problems that could provide a stumbling block to more proactive SEO.

We fixed several optimisation issues identified by the audit and then, moved on to developing a content and keyword plan for Shepherd's high-priority keywords that they weren't ranking well for. We foresaw this approach to be a significant driver of increased traffic from new people.

Paid Search campaigns were launched simultaneously alongside our SEO campaign for a highly-effective integrated approach. We developed a series of campaigns to create a 'virtuous' circle of top-funnel customers, reinforced with remarketing and audience campaigns to bring those close to conversion back at the right time.

The Results

It’s early days yet but we have already began to record page 1 ranking improvements for several core keyords. Our PPC campaigns are still being optimised but we even so they have generated enough leads and enquiries to generate significantly positive ROI.

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