Squire’s Garden Centres

A New Search Marketing Strategy

Squire's Garden Centres is a successful family-owned horticultural business. There are 16 Squire's Garden Centres to discover across Surrey, Sussex, Middlesex, West London and Berkshire.

Squire's came to 8th Row Digital for help in developing their SEO, PPC and Paid Social strategy, as well as a Technical SEO review of their website.



Squire's were very traditional in their marketing and therefore were slow to adopt any search marketing. Naturally, this meant they were missing out on a lot of the opportunities it could bring to the business. They realised SEO and PPC were important to their marketing objectives but weren't sure how to translate them into a comprehensive strategy and series of tactics to achieve these goals.

Additionally, they knew that they could improve their website from a technical SEO perspective but weren't sure how or where to begin. 



We got to work on performing a comprehensive site and search landscape audit. The site audit gave us key data on what wasn't and what was good about the website. With this information we got to work by identifying and implementing the fixes that could make real improvements to site performance in the short term, and then onto the issues that would take longer. Priority areas included decreasing site loading speed, improving UX, internal linking, and addressing weak content.

The search landscape audit helped to inform our approach when it came to developing the SEO and PPC tactics that would help to hit the company's objectives. We identified valuable keyword and content opportunities both for SEO and PPC for a series of campaigns. We supported our approach with retargeting to create a strategy that drove awareness, consideration and purchase actions.

The Results

A technically optimised faster loading site, improved SEO and Local SEO strategy to continue increasing traffic, and a series of PPC campaigns with positive ROI.

  • 61% year-on-year uplift in page views
  • 34% year-on-year increase in users
  • 41% year-on-year increase in sessions
  • More than 500% ROAS
  • 6 second increase in average site loading speed to 3.6 seconds within 30 days
  • Improvements to critical rendering path

From The Client

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Karen Smith
Group Marketing Manager

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