A New Website

Van Chaud offers mobile catering to a wide range of clients and events across the UK, all from a classic 1969 Citroen H van.

Van Chaud came to 8th Row Digital looking for a complete overhaul of their online presence. We built them a completely new website, showcasing the quality service and sweet treats delivered by this excellent team.



Van Chaud already had a website, but it was a throwback to a different internet era. It performed poorly in terms of navigation, design, and user experience. Even worse, it had a habit of breaking down and glitching due to its archaic tech and design.



We started from scratch, designing a brand new site with a more modern feel and improved functionality. We were able to use Van Chaud’s excellent stock of images to showcase their van, their products and their events - doing them justice in a way the old site couldn’t. We also fixed all the technical issues - the new site won’t be breaking down anytime soon.

The Results

Through working with 8th Row Digital, Van Chaud now have:

  • a much slicker, cleaner, easier to navigate website - that is also mobile-friendly
  • an online presence that properly reflects their values and the high quality of their products and services

They benefit from:

  • 56% reduction in bounce rate
  • 99.9% uptime
  • a more responsive design
  • a more powerful selling tool
  • all-round better user experience

From The Client

We were introduced to 8th Row Digital by a mutual business friend when we were floundering in the sea of website design & construction in 2019. Thankfully 8th Row could not have been easier to work with, even though the company is based in Glasgow and we’re in Staffordshire, we managed the process together by email, phone and Zoom. A bit like living in the lockdown we are now all so familiar with! We were guided on what we should and shouldn’t do and it was amazing just how quickly confirm a look and feel to our site, with all the functionality and feel we needed. Would we recommend 8th Row Digital, absolutely will we use them for the next project.

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