Technical SEO Services

Our Technical SEO Services focus on what's happening in the obscure yet extremely important background of your website. With Google's search algorithms analysing every aspect of your site, if your website has never had a technical SEO audit, there are likely to be issues which are affecting your ability to rank well. We make sure that all the technical issues are investigated, fixed, or mitigated as much as possible so organic SEO investments aren't held back.

Our Core Technical SEO Services

A technical audit will pick up site issues affecting performance and SEO optimisation. If left undiagnosed, these can lead to indexation and raking problems hampering your organic efforts. Once issues have been identified, we will work with you to sort them out.
Many a business has has tanked their own traffic after a botched website migration. Migrating your website is a difficult process which requries careful planning and execution. We'll ensure a smooth process to protect your rankings and traffic.
Users expect sites to load under 3 seconds. Every second more can impact mobile conversions by up to 20%. We can analyse the website to identify and fix issues causing the bloat, to ensure the site is loading as fast as possible for mobile users.
The Google Display Network is an excellent way to raise awareness of your business to large numbers of your most valuable audiences with eye-catching imagery or rich media, with powerful and effective targeting options.
Selling through your website? Google Shopping Ads is a great solution for e-commerce businesses seeking to drive more sales and revenue. We can optimise and create advertising campaigns that drive more purchases from customers.
Server log files can tell us how and when search engine crawlers access your website. With this data we can learn what crawlers can frequently access, and also what they can't, to help identify crawling and indexing problems in the website.

Poor Technical SEO can penalise your organic SEO efforts, literally wiping out hard-fought gains in a short space of time. Once gone, it becomes even harder to earn back.

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By working with 8th Row we will use our technical experience to help optimise your site, find the most pressing issues, and fix them to get you ranking. From issues with indexability to increasing your page speed, or ensuring a smooth migration, we will provide the support you need. Call now or fill in the contact form and we’ll discuss your needs and requirements in detail. 

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