A Little History

8th Row Digital was formed in late 2013 but has roots that date back to 2009.

As a new digital age dawned, 8th Row Digital was formed. Founded in Glasgow back in 2009, we originally delivered Facebook management services and strategies. As the benefits of doing business online expanded and evolved, so did we, embracing and mastering new technologies and platforms.

8th Row Digital now offers a range of digital services, helping you use the incredible power of the internet to reach customers, build brand awareness, and make sales. We deliver high-impact search marketing services and campaigns to clients all over the UK, Europe and US.

Values & Ethos

Trust, communication, and a strong work ethic are the core of who we are.

Our mission is to help your business grow and thrive, using effective search marketing to meet and exceed your objectives. We know your goals and needs are unique, so we’ll work closely with you, getting to know your business and finding out exactly what’s required and what works. Your success is our success.

Strong Work Ethic
We work hard and we work smart, making sure you get a good return on your money.
Transparent & Communicative
We’ll keep talking to you, telling you what we’re doing, and listening to what you have to say.
Experienced & Adaptable
We’ve run successful campaigns for more than 100 different clients, from all kinds of backgrounds and industries.
Our Speed
We are responsive yet measured. Less haste more speed, but we’re the first to say if something isn’t working and to switch it up.
Expert Knowledge
We keep up to date with the latest developments in so we can provide you with cutting-edge service.
Positive Outlook
We’re confident, forward-thinking and professional. You’ll find working with us easy and stress-free.

Ready to find out how we can help?