A Little History

8th Row was formed in late 2013 but has roots that date back to 2009.

In a different guise, the business began in Glasgow back in 2009 and, originally, soley delivered Facebook management services and strategies. As more clients came on board the business naturally evolved to offer more digital services to meet client needs and demands.

Since then we have grown into a specialist digital agency focusing on delivering impactful Search Marketing services and campaigns (SEO, PPC, Paid Social) to clients across the UK and US. Trust, communication, and a strong work ethic have always been at the heart of the offering.

Values & Ethos

Trust, communication, and a strong work ethic have always been at the heart of our values.

Our mission is to help our clients meet and exceed their marketing and business objectives using search marketing. We believe this is a collaborative effort and a unique process for each client. That’s why we work closely and transparently with our clients to find what works to establish a process of iteration and improvement. Your success is our success.

Our Work Ethic
We work hard and smart for our clients to make sure there’s a return for their pounds spent.
Our Experience
We've successfully worked with over 100 clients in a broad range of sectors and on many campaigns.
Our Approach
We communicate clearly and effectively with our clients, and they always know what’s going on.
Our Speed
We are responsive yet measured. Less haste more speed, but we’re the first to say if something isn’t working and to switch it up.
Our Knowledge
We keep up to date with the latest trends, theory, and analysis of the world of SEO and PPC.
Our Outlook
We are positive forward thinking people and like to work with likeminded businesses.

Meet The Team

Teamwork makes the dream work. Here's our top team of digital experts.
Darren Healy
Darren Healy


Chantelle Nelson
Chantelle Nelson

Social & Content

Andy Conway
Andy Conway

Account & Project Manager

Anthony Healy
Anthony Healy

Digital Intern

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