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Services: Web Design, Web Development, E-Commerce, Photography


An extremely popular and award winning businesses had no means to easily sell online to local and further afield audiences. Our task was to provide a faster, more attractive website whilst also improving the back end to make admin and order processing easier. 


We got to work developing a new e-commerce site using WooCommerce due to the Billington’s team’s familiarity with WordPress and the flexibility WooCommerce provided in product and event sales. A fresh look was given to the site, new photography done and added, clear layouts were chosen, and we also added back end systems to make it easier to manage products, sales, deliveries, and event ticketing, as well as account admin. 


Through working with 8th Row Digital, Billington’s now have a site that showcases the business’ strengths, complementing their everyday offline business, and adding a new online sales channel shipping across the UK. They benefit from:

  • a website ROI over 300% year one

  • a 130% increase in users year-on-year

  • a 357% increase in page views year-on-year

  • an easy to use website for customers

  • better backend for managing accounts, sales, products and more

  • establishment of a new sales channel shipping across the UK

From the Client

Never has our e-commerce webshop been as important as it is today. we have seen a significant increase in online orders, including click and collect and deliveries. We pride ourselves on quality and service and this had to be reflected in our online presence too. The back office is easy to maintain and self manage, but the support from 8th Row Digital is second to none.

Mark Billington – Owner