New website for Family Owned Garden Centres

Services: Website Design, Website Development


Reynard Garden Centre’s had a loyal set of customers but no working website to attract new customers digitally. Worse still, a domain was present in Google and Bing but it redirected to a domain holding page, which could reflect poorly or make customers think the garden centres had closed. The team at Reynard asked us to develop a site to reflect their unique family owned garden centres in the heart of the Clyde Valley to provide useful information to both new and existing customers. 


We worked closely with the Reynard team to find out what they wanted from their new website. Through discussions, we knew it had to be functional, informative, easy to navigate and update as well as prominently showcasing the locations of the garden centres in the Clyde Valley. Showing off their uniqueness to site visitors was another important goal as anyone who has been to Reynard Garden Centre’s knows they are a little more quirky than other garden centres in the area. Other key sections of the site included sections such as gardening tips and special offers that the team could update periodically.


Reynard Garden Centre’s now benefit from:

  • a fundamental online web presence

  • a website to direct digital marketing efforts towards

  • a technically optimised, fast loading site

  • showcases the uniqueness of the businesses from other garden centres nearby

  • optimised for basic SEO

From the Client

8th Row were great to work with and took the time to understand what we needed. We had been let down by other local web designers in the past so it was refreshing to work with a company that saw the project through – even pushing us on at times positively – to its conclusion. This is just the beginning of a proper digital presence for the business and wee are looking forward to developing this further.

Trisha Scott – Owner