Improved SEO & PPC

Services: Strategy, SEO, PPC


Shepherd Surveyor’s recognised the value new digital techniques could bring to an ‘old-fashioned’ industry. They came to us to overhaul their digital strategy, existing PPC campaigns, and SEO plan, with the main objective to grow revenues from residential services.


We started with an audit of the digital plan, the website, and PPC account to quickly correct any major issues before we started our proactive improvements. We optimised the PPC campaigns by re-working the campaigns, improving the copy, and creating a better bid strategy. In tandem, an SEO campaign was developed to improve organic traffic metrics. This was done by enhancing the copy of the website to make it more compelling to visitors as well as writing brand new, unique content designed for humans and SEO crawlers. 


By working with 8th Row Digital, Shepherd Chartered Surveyors now have:

  • significant traffic and enquiry increases

  • a faster website

  • better UX

  • Higher ROI and revenues 

They benefit from:

  • a 164% year-on-year uplift in organic traffic

  • a 170% year-on-year uplift in new users

  • a 324% imprrovement in pages viewed per visit

  • a 95% increase in session duration to 2.5 mins

  • drastically increased engagement rate (80%)

  • a 750% increase PPC ROI

From the Client

8th Row Digital really took the time to understand our business and target audience. Their detailed knowledge meant that the approach was targeted, relevant, and cost-effective. Everything was explained clearly and concisely, and the results in terms of our online marketing and subsequent market share and conversions speak for themselves.

Martin Waite – Managing Partner