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Services: Strategy, SEO, Technical SEO, PPC, UX


Squire’s approach to marketing was very traditional. They had dipped into digital a little, but were wary about how to begin and where to put resources. This meant they were missing out on the many benefits new media could bring to their 16 centres. They realised a better digital strategy and agency help could help them achieve their marketing objectives.


We started with an audit of the digital plan and the Squire’s website to figure out strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This gave us the information we needed to start developing a new way forward for the company and to fix any significant issues with the website before implementing the new strategy and tactics. Once complete, we moved to hands on implementation of our SEO and PPC plan, by identifying valuable keywords and content opportunities for a series of campaigns targeting different customer segments.


By working closely with the Squire’s marketing team they now benefit from:

  • a technically optimised, faster loading site

  • improved SEO and Local SEO tactics to increase traffic and engagement

  • a series of PPC campaigns with positive ROI and awareness generation

From the Client

8th Row are a great extension to the marketing team and have really helped us understand how we can use digital marketing to its greatest benefit. They are challenging to work with, in a positive sense, they will question our briefs and make sure that we are always making the best decision to optimise our spend and drive our visitor numbers. We are absolutely delighted with the results so far and we know we have only just touched the surface on what it can bring to our business!

Karen Smith – Group Marketing Manager