AI is Cool But Just Do Marketing Better

There’s no doubt AI is going to revolutionise a whole host of sectors and industries, not just in the way we work, but in how those things are delivered in society.

However, for marketers, as with any shiny new thing we can get our hands on, we often think in the here and now about how we can squeeze as much new value from this shiny new thing as we can. In this case, it’s AI.

But as marketers, we need to be brave to sometimes look out of touch with the trendy new thing and say to ourselves: ‘Is this going to help or am I just checking a box for my higher-ups?’.

Right now, AI isn’t going to help us improve our strategic objectives and tactics, our differentiation, or our big picture focus.

There’s no clear benefit to marketers in using AI at the moment. This will change over time and it will become more important. But there is a clear benefit to doing marketing better now and we don’t need an AI tool for that. Perhaps we never will.